Main priorities of the Association :

  • Services to associated companies
  • Promoting collaboration between companies
  • Promotion of Internationalization
  • Training of qualified personnel for the sector
  • Organization and industry knowledge
  • Representation and industry cohesion
  • Relations with governments , customers , other entities , competition and the wider environment

Wooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces into the right placeServices for Business :

  • Information partners through circulars and query
  • specialized training
  • General Advice
  • Job
  • Publication and distribution of directories associated companies and promotional videos
  • Processing and distribution sector information ( trends of production and consumption of molds and dies , imports and exports … )
  • Publication of articles and advertisements in trade press
  • Organization of technical seminars
  • Organization of group participation in fairs
  • Organization of trade missions
  • Managing groups and shared export representatives
  • Actions to promote collaboration between companies ( outsourcing group purchases … )

Priority actions:

  • Specific training for the sector
  • Spreading the profession to young
  • Encourage the incorporation of young sector (training in workplace Dual Vocational Training … )
  • Encourage partnerships between business
  • Increase international presence of Catalan companies
  • Increase collaborations with other entities Association
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