FASTOOL is a research project for three years to develop technical solutions to increase the productivity of European Mould and die through advances in:

CNC programming based on knowledge
The Automation
The “Lean manufacturing”

The project will help generate savings in direct costs and manufacturing to increase efficiency and competitiveness. It has a total budget of 3.5 million Euros, with direct support from the European Commission (Collective Research Contract IPS-2001-CT98010).

Fastool also wants to improve the attractiveness of the profession and Mould Matricaria new generations of technicians.


Fastool aims to cut the machining process at least 50%:
Developing automated procedures to generate CNC programs for machining molds and electrodes for high-speed machine-elect erosion, using a system based on knowledge tools to determine optimal operational parameters.
Integrating high speed machines to generate electrodes and electro-erosion machines for the production of tooling machines to increase efficiency by 34% – using the controls of existing machines and permit optional upgrade workshop existing.
The project defined six areas:

1. Software for CNC
2. Database for automating the high speed machining and electro-erosion.
3. Software for the integration of the machine.
4. Hardware for the integration of the machine.
5. Installation FASTOOL integrated. Video demonstration
6. Dissemination and exploitation of results.

FASTOOL is a European initiative in collaborating:
– NC- Gesellschaft

– Fraunhofer IPT

– ASCAMM: Elan molds, Matrix, workshops Fiestas, Micran, Electromoldes, R. Die workshop Migó

– FATRONIK: Anayak, Ibarmia, wave-Electroerosión.



– Metaalunie-


For more information, you will find on the web:


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