The Spanish Federation of Business Associations of Mould and die – FEAMM participates as Spanish leader along with ASCAMM Technology Centre and companies ABM molds, ANDALPLAST, ARRAY PLASTICS, C.M. SOLE, IRUMOLD, J. MOLDES CEREZA, Moldplast, SOFIPLAST WORKSHOPS PARTY TECHNOLOGY PROFILE UTYMOL and the project called HIPERMOULDING (High Performance Injection Moulds and Moulding Processis- High performance injection molds and processes modelo- ) which is part of the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union.
The main objective of this project, which began in December 2004 is to optimize the positioning of the cooling channels near the surface to obtain a better and more efficient heat exchange in the injection mold.

HIPERMOULDING participating in six European countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the UK. In addition to the support of industry associations, the firms in the consortium will ensure that the results are applicable to sectors and injectador Mould.

HIPERMOULDING The project is a program of collective research where the performers of R & D activities promoting scientific and technological research indicating industrial associations and their associated members. These R & D are esponsorizados by the European Union to help companies improve their competitiveness.

Improvement and Reduction
Research to improve the positioning of the cooling channels focuses on mold design, manufacturing and plastic injection. The effort of all 18 participants in HIPERMOULDING provide the following advantages:

Faster and better filling of the mold (30% reduction in time).
More rapid cooling of the molten material for solidification (50% reduction).
30% savings in energy consumption.
It is expected that these objectives involve result in a reduction of 20% of the cost of the piece, as well as improved quality of the piece.

For more information, please, visit the project website: or contact FEAMM to

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