Moulds and Dies brochure

ASCAMM and the Alianza para la FP Dual have jointly produced a brochure to introduce young people to the profession of molds and dies.

With this brochure, which will be broadcast on all channels, we hope to support the institutes with which we collaborate and the sector in general.

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New training cycle of Higher Degree: Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing, professional profile of molds and dies.

Visit of the students and professors of the Manolo Hugué Institute to a company in the sector

After many years looking for many ways to get professionals trained in our sector, the 2017-2018 course began at the Manolo Hugué Institute (Caldes de Montbui) Professional Training Higher Degree Programming of the Production of Molds and Dies.

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Now, this same degree, will begin in the Institut El Palau (Sant Andreu de la Barca) the next academic year 2019-2020, to be able to nurture of students with a high degree of specialization to the companies of ASCAMM that are in the Baix Llobregat.

This allows us that knowledge that until now was not included in the curricula, form part of the agenda: adjusted and assembly of molds and dies, polishing, electricity focused on calientes cameras, engravings / textures, etc …

These actions will be beneficial for the sector in general, because it will improve the professional level, regardless of whether the companies are associated or not with ASCAMM: this cycle is unique throughout Spain. But by agreement between the parties (Government, IES and ASCAMM) in which ASCAMM was asked to collaborate in the management at all levels, the companies that will be able to receive trainees, and carry out other preferential participations, will be the partner companies of ASCAMM .


The Association ASCAMM, with the aim of alleviating the needs of personnel of the sector of molds and dies, will train 30 new professionals with the collaboration of the Eurecat Foundation.

The sector of molds and dies, after overcoming the long crisis that reduced the number of companies in the sector, has been recovering progressively in the last 5 years, and already accumulates a sustained growth of 43% from the historical minimum of 2010.

This growth has been accompanied by a growth in the exports of molds and matrices, which have also grown more than 40% compared to their minimums. It should be noted that exports of molds and dies outnumber imports from low-cost countries.

The high quality of the molds and dies designed and manufactured in Catalonia is recognized in the main European client countries and other growing countries such as Mexico.

This growth of the companies has been in machinery and specialized personnel, which has already been exhausted and can only provide new personnel through training.

In December 2016, ASCAMM started the machining course for chip removal, which lasts 630 hours and will train 15 students.

In January 2017, the Abrasion Machining, Electroerosion and Other Special Procedures (CNC) course was started, which lasts 630 hours and will train 15 more students.

All the students that will participate in these training actions have been selected with the aim of being able to maintain a high quality training level.

These two courses will be fully funded by the Government of Catalonia through its Form and Insert line, which requires a minimum insertion of 60% of the students trained.

These courses aim to incorporate new professionals and / or recycle personnel from the metallurgical sector in mechanization, both with conventional machines and with CNC.

Both training actions are aimed at people in unemployment situation and do not have any cost for the participants or for the companies.

For more information, please contact Domènec Pijuan