Alliance to promote Dual FP

The Alliance for the promotion of FP Dual reaches 100 members with the accession of ASCAMM

The Association, which brings together industrial las empresas catalanas Manufacturers molds and matrices, Striving for FP Dual for promoting the incorporation of young people to the labor Market.



Barcelona, January 8th, 2016 – The president of the Catalan Association of molds and dies (ASCAMM), Daniel Altimiras, by the vice president of the Bertelsmann Foundation, Francisco Belil, this morning signed the accession document to form part Alliance for Vocational Training Dual. The Alliance is a statewide network, formed by companies committed to the development of the dual FP in Spain. This network, with the addition of ASCAMM reaches 100 members, is driven by the Bertelsmann Foundation jointly with Princess Foundation of Girona, the CEOE and the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, and its main objective is to improve the employability of young people while companies get professionals with more training according to their needs.

ASCAMM formally joins the Alliance for Professional Dual Training to develop actions to promote learning combining training at school with activity in the company, thus the employment of young people is more effective. The draft FP Dual and ASCAMM, will focus on training future professionals of the molds and dies industry to give relief to the elderly template with which currently have.


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