Ascamm presents companies aid and programs for the training and recruitment


More than twenty participants attended the conference , held in ASCAMM on March 26 , where Elizabeth Jabalera responsible regional planning Employment Service of Catalonia ( SOC ) , introduced in Service Area SOC company which forms part .

The session began with a welcome Marc Capellades , Director of Training Foundation ASCAMM presented the talk , signaling one hand , the need for a sector with increasing difficulty hiring qualified staff and other role ASCAMM entity that can develop as a vehicle to this demand to the government and cooperate in response to this industrial sector .

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Then Elizabeth Jabalera responsible regional planning Prospecting Area Business Services Employment Service of Catalonia ( SOC ) , highlighted , of the different services your area offers companies the Active Jobs website as a free tool for research personnel , and the training program and Insert Shape and Internships not work .

Form and Insert is a subsidy that enables the company is hiring new professionals in the skills and techniques identified specific needs for your company . Also, you can reclassify also provides personnel for internal promotions .

The internship program did not work with the aim of providing work experience to young people with a particular educational qualification but no experience. This initiative is an economic incentive for companies that offered to host a trainee and later hired .

The SOC representative stressed the need for the industry to convey to the administration through their area , and present real difficulties with that is when you can make use of grants and programs offered , with the aim of flexible and adapt them to the needs of companies.

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Case studies of companies

Estela Sanchez company DICOMOL , S.L. and Nuria Calvo  Company Dies DOVER , SL , explained their experiences in hiring trainees . Both stressed the importance of collaboration in the training of young people both for the company and for the mold and die industry , which are areas where we currently renovating a very specialized currently not easily found .

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Additional documentation provided by DICOMOL: FAMÍLIES PROFESSIONALS 2013 and GUIA FP EMPRESES


Mold and die companies will help create jobs and ASCAMM

Open dialogue that developed after the completion of exhibitions in the day, led the commitment of several companies to create jobs . It is expected that from the Technology Centre ASCAMM courses organized by the SHAPE program and insert to the specialties of molds and dies. The President of the Association, Daniel Altimiras , wanted to make clear that staff training for the mold and die sector is essential to ensure the future of the sector.


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