NEMMO Seminar

IMPROVING production processes in microinjection, COMPOSITES AND LIGHT ALLOYS

The Catalan Association of molds and dies participates in a project led by FEAMM in which studies have been done on these three technologies to help Catalan SMEs to improve their competitiveness

ASCAMM presented last February 27 the results of the studies conducted by the Foundation Ascamm and AIJU Nemmo within the project: new and emerging processes for the sector of molds and dies. Three specialists in each of the matéricas explained in detail the technical aspects of interest to businesses. 

As explained during the day, light alloys, mainly aluminum, magnesium and zamak, they are being used increasingly in the automotive sector i have a great future. Micropiezas also made microinjection and new composite materials, widely used in sectors such as aeronautics, rail and wind energy. 

Opportunity for businesses: Up to 10 Catalan companies in may participate in the project, receiving visits from technical and personalized advice to improve or implement any of these technologies in the company. Other companies of Valencia, Aragon and Galicia will complete the select group of 25 companies which at most can accommodate the project. 

The project is Nemmo supraregional and is funded by the Innoempresa program, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. 



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