Technical Conference: Solutions for plastic moulds


ASCAMM celebrates a successful technical conference of molds

ASCAMM organized last October 24 a technical seminar entitled : Solutions for plastic molds, with the collaboration of the company Uddeholm steels , heat treatments the SA Metallographic and ASCAMM Private Foundation .

More than 50 professionals from the molds and plastic injection the day agreed , appreciation for technological developments contributed to improve the metallurgical knowledge of materials , new developments to obtain the best performance of the molds for the transformation plastic and developments in the different applications. They also highlighted the power to hear first hand the explanations of two of the world’s best technicians mold steels . Some of the presentations were in English , with simultaneous translation.

The day began with a welcome by Josep Font, Secretary General of ASCAMM , technicians ASCAMM Private Foundation , Albert Riera and Alfonso Sanchez, made ​​a presentation future mold by introducing artificial intelligence applied to the mold design and process embedded to optimize the production of plastic components.

Then Lena Rahlén , Product Manager Uddeholms Plastic AB presented the keys to the mold steel selection , focusing on the most important aspects for the selection of steel how performance key to mold . Main processes treated plastic molding such as injection molding, extrusion , compression and blow steel critical properties for each type of process. The key message of the paper of Ms. Rahlén was the importance of taking all important aspects into account in the selection of material. Analyzed in detail the impact of die size , design , type of plastic that is going to work , number of parts for manufacture and the desired surface of the finished part . Also had an impact on other important factors required maintenance how mold and how to prevent corrosion.

The day continued with Andrea Castelli , Marketing Manager of Materion Brush Gmbh , which presented high conductivity alloys as a solution to reduce cycle time and improve quality injection molded part . They talked mold design and as you can improve performance by optimizing the cooling channels , the position of the injection and a design that allows a balanced temperature throughout the piece . Mr. Castelli put the emphasis on applications requiring a combination of high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and easy to polish . This is where a core or insert MOLDMAX , beryllium copper alloy marketed by Uddeholm , can make a big difference.

Then Mr. Daniel Vidal , Spain Uddeholm sales engineer , explained how to optimize the design and manufacture of plastic injection molds by Strack Norma accessories . His presentation focused on the accessories: drag exhaust , moving elements , dual-stage ejectors , sliding units ( sliding ) , unscrewing cylinders , etc.

Finally , Francisco Borrego , Technical Director of SA Metallographic , analyzed the thermal and surface treatments to optimize the life of plastic injection mold , analyzing the problems associated with heat treatment and how to minimize them .


ASCAMM continues working to offer new workshops of interest to the die and mold industry .

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